Dnyandeep Mandal's
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St. Joseph College of Arts & Commerce


To be universally respected institution for social and economic upliftment of students of vicinity area by providing value-based and

qualitative education.


1) To make higher education available to all the students without any discrimination as to caste, creed and religion.

2) To provide value based education to every student to help them to face challenges of life globally.

3) To make students of this institutions responsible civilian citizens of our motherland.

4) Committed to serve the society with honesty interfaith an fairness, passion for excellence, team building, innovative and creativity,      humanity and trust.

5) Promoting college into institution to excellence by serving rural youth with offering higher education which would provide them      numerous job opportunities.

6) The objective of the college is to achieve the stated vision and mission statement through its action plans and activities.


1) To create and develop new facilities for different stake holders

2) To train the staff with view to create awareness about the importance of ICT In education.

3) To improve the industry institute interactions.

4) To organize national level and international level seminars and conferences.

5) To promote research and development facilities.

6) To strive for students placement.

7) To improve faculty development programmes.

8) To develop and maintained the linkage with alumni association.

9) To improve international level communication.

10) To promote research work that informs advance conservation practices and focuses attention on the outstanding innovation in the field.

11) To help students to become well-cultured citizen of modern world.

12) Empower student by using ICT and technology which would help them to adjust to the inevitable future challenges

The vision, mission and objectives of the college are communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders through Annual Prospectus, meetings with the stakeholder and activities conducted by the college.